Is Boostlash Worth It? An Honest Review and True Facts

Boostlash is an eyelash growth product that claims to be able to help us give a cool first impression and to “wow” anyone that looks at us.

The company claims to increase growth in eyelash length by 17% in a 30-day cycle, to increase eyelash diameter by 19% in a 30-day cycle, and to increase eyelash volume by 3 times in a 15-day cycle. And it’s supposed to soften the lashes. The formula is made out of plant-based ingredients, which supposedly makes it very mild so it won’t cause irritation or redness. But can the company live up to it’s claims?The pros are that it’s made with some natural ingredients, and it is relatively inexpensive at $47.95 for a 5 ml tube. But it is only on sale right now, the regular price is much higher.

The cons are that it is only available online. Also, there is no trial offer, and the regular price is $59.95. You are supposed to use the eyelash growth product twice a day, so you may have to buy it more often than you would other brands, like Idol Lash. And there could be side effects.

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Eyelash Extensions Cost: Is it worth it?

In a beauty world full of lengthening mascaras, eyelash curlers and falsies, it’s no wonder that eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular.

Some spas are adding lash extensions to their menus; others are popping up in major cities like New York and Los Angeles solely dedicated to offering a full range of lash extension options.

Below are few different types of eyelash extensions that are currently available:

  • Authentic mink hair is the most expensive option on the market, and are said to be the most natural looking.
  • Synthetic hair is also a popular option, and is slightly less expensive than its authentic counterpart. Still others use human hair for lash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

PROS to Eyelash extensions

Long-lasting. While mascaras and fake eyelashes can be great for augmenting short, thin lashes, they only last about a day. Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, last as long as it takes for your natural lashes to grow out. You should get about three weeks to a month out of one lash extension session.
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Eyelash Glue – Disasters and the Truth

Lets “Glue” some truth

Everybody wants long, gorgeous eyelashes, and it’s a sad fact that Mother Nature is a whole lot more generous with some women than she is with others. If mascara isn’t doing it for you, you may have considered eyelash extensions, but might also be worried about whether they’re safe. If that sounds like you, read on.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions shouldn’t be confused with false eyelashes. The false eyelashes are attached to the skin, whereas the extensions are glued to the actual eyelash. They don’t go on in groups or clumps; rather they’re attached one by one. They’re designed to follow the natural curve of your eyelashes, and properly applied, no one will know that you’re wearing them.

Are Lash Extensions Permanent?

No. The only way to lengthen your eyelashes permanently is to have eyelashes surgically transplanted by a doctor. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, lasting anywhere from two weeks to a month.

Is the Procedure Dangerous?

When done by a competent, properly-trained eyelash technician, there is little or no danger to having eyelash extensions. However, this is not something a 13-year-old should be attempting at a slumber party, or a 60-year-old pensioner should be trying on her own to save money. And don’t go to a self-taught operator – you could end up getting an eye infection from unsanitary conditions, or injuries from glue coming into contact with your eyes.
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How to Get Long Eyelashes and Maintain Them

Wondering how to get long eyelashes and maintain them? Read on to find out more…

Eyelash Maintenance


Don’t: Keep old make-up just because you spent a lot of money on it, still have product left in the tube or really like the color.
Do: Be sure to toss out your mascara every three months. Old eye make-up breeds bacteria that can not only irritate your eyes, but also cause conjunctivitis or sties. Eyeliner and eye shadow can last from three months to a year, depending on the type. Liquid and cream liners and shadows should be tossed before powders.

There’s an Eyelash in My Eye! Do I Need To See My Eye Doctor?

something in my eye

Eyelash in my eye!

Can My Eye Doctor Help Me?

There are very few things more irritating than a stray eyelash that’s found its way into your eye. But is it harmful? Should you see your eye doctor?

If it’s just an ordinary, wayward lash, you don’t need to panic. Rushing off to the ophthalmologist for something like this would be like going to the emergency room with a broken nail – it’s something that you should be able to deal with quite easily and effectively all on your own.

You can flush a stray eyelash out on your own using cold water or eye drops. Another method that works is to pull your upper lid down over the lower lid and hold it there for about 30 seconds while at the same time moving your eyeball back and forth, up and down. This will encourage the production of tears that will flush out the offending lash.

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Craving Bold, Beautiful, and Long Eyelashes?

Take pride in your appearance!

Take pride in your appearance!

Want better looking and long eyelashes? Read on…

Taking pride in your appearance often means finding just the right look for you. The right dress, for example, can highlight our figure, and the right haircut can accentuate our face. Similarly, the right kind of makeup can bring out your best facial features. One of the best, easiest and fastest ways to do this is through your eyes.

Your eyes are the first thing that most people will notice about you. They are considered, of course, to be the windows to the soul. If your eyes are the windows, it follows that your eyelashes are the curtains, framing and highlighting this very important feature. The best way to bring out your eyelashes, and in turn, your eyes, is to make them as long and full as possible. Read the tips below for how best to achieve this!
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How Do You Get Lice on Eyelashes? Explanation, Diagnosis and Treatment

How do you get lice on eyelashes? Well, it’s more common than you think…

Lice infestation is pretty common in schools and all socio-economic areas and we normally think about head lice and lice on our scalp. Did you know that lice on eyelashes is also a possibility? Yes, lice on eyelashes can happen and your eyelashes are just as vulnerable to lice infestation as your scalp. Later we explain how do you get lice on eyelashes and how to diagnose and treat the infestation.

What are lice?

The good news here is that lice aren’t dangerous but more of an annoyance if anything. The constant itching can be overwhelming for some, which can make it worse. Another point about lice is that it is extremely contagious. You don’t have to even touch a person with lice to get it you can simply be close enough and the lice will jump from one person to another.
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Celebrity Lashes – The Good, The Bad, and The What The Heck Were They Thinking

Celebrity Lashes…What in the world were they thinking?

What do you do to get gorgeous celebrity lashes like Jennifer Lopez? Well, celebrities are just like the rest of us – some pulled a little more out of the gene pool eyelash-wise than others. Most go for a little help. They don’t all get it right.

The Good

Most celebrities use eyelash extensions, which are single synthetic lashes that are applied individually to your own lashes. If you think of light-haired, light-complexioned celebrities who have beautiful lashes, you can be almost sure you’re looking at extensions. Julianne Moore, for example, is indisputably beautiful, but her natural lashes are very light. With extensions, her eyes open up and dazzle. Kelly Ripa is another celeb who would probably shine without any help at all, but whose eyes are stunning once her lash extensions are in place.

These are examples of celebrities who just help Mother Nature along a bit. Kim Kardashian takes it a bit more to extremes. Her lashes are stunning, but come on – we know her claims that her super-long lashes are natural are bogus. Experts believe that she’s actually wearing extensions made from mink. Well, okay, technically mink is natural.

The Bad

Most film and TV celebrities seem to get it right, but we did find a couple of examples of not-so-great lashes from the world of politics.

Remember Michelle Bachmann, the Queen of the Tea Party? Some blame her failure to win the Republican nomination in 2012 on the false eyelashes she wore to the New Hampshire debate. They made her blink a lot. It’s a small thing, for sure, but when the stakes are high, every little bit counts.
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