Craving Bold, Beautiful, and Long Eyelashes?

Take pride in your appearance!

Take pride in your appearance!

Want better looking and long eyelashes? Read on…

Taking pride in your appearance often means finding just the right look for you. The right dress, for example, can highlight our figure, and the right haircut can accentuate our face. Similarly, the right kind of makeup can bring out your best facial features. One of the best, easiest and fastest ways to do this is through your eyes.

Your eyes are the first thing that most people will notice about you. They are considered, of course, to be the windows to the soul. If your eyes are the windows, it follows that your eyelashes are the curtains, framing and highlighting this very important feature. The best way to bring out your eyelashes, and in turn, your eyes, is to make them as long and full as possible. Read the tips below for how best to achieve this!

Apply eyeliner to your upper lid. Draw the line as close to your natural lash line as possible, to ensure no gap between your lashes and the pencil line. Using a rich color, like dark brown or kohl, will make your lashes appear fuller. Avoid using black unless you have darker skin or want to make a big statement.

Be careful when lining your lower lash line. Lining a full circle around the upper and lower lash line tends to close your eyes in and make them look small. Instead, draw a line about three-quarters of the way across your lower lash line. This will open up your eyes and make them appear wider.

Curl your eyelashes. Flat lashes tend to look short and don’t frame your eyes as well. Curling them will produce long eyelashes, and your eyes bigger.

Apply mascara. Using the right mascara for you, whether curling, lengthening or voluminizing, can really amp up your look. Mascara makes your lashes look darker and healthier. For a fun party look, try using colored mascara on just the tips of your eyelashes (but be sure to tone down the rest of your make-up if you do—it’s best to highlight just one feature at a time).

Remove eye make-up. Be sure to carefully remove all of your make-up at the end of the night with a gentle eye make-up remover. Wash your face and follow up with a moisturizer. Speaking of moisturizer…

Condition your lashes. Don’t forget to moisturize your lashes too! Lightly rub a small dab of Vaseline, coconut or olive oil on your eyelashes before bed every night. This will help not only help them to look healthier, but will actually help them grow, too.

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