How to Get Long Eyelashes and Maintain Them

Wondering how to get long eyelashes and maintain them? Read on to find out more…

Eyelash Maintenance


Don’t: Keep old make-up just because you spent a lot of money on it, still have product left in the tube or really like the color.
Do: Be sure to toss out your mascara every three months. Old eye make-up breeds bacteria that can not only irritate your eyes, but also cause conjunctivitis or sties. Eyeliner and eye shadow can last from three months to a year, depending on the type. Liquid and cream liners and shadows should be tossed before powders.

Don’t sleep with your mascara on!


Don’t: Sleep in your mascara. This can cause irritation, causing you to wake up with red, puffy eyes.
Do: Always remove make-up before going to sleep, no matter how exhausted you are!


Don’t pull on your eyelashes


Don’t: Pull on your lashes when you remove eye make-up.
Do: Swab a cotton ball with a gentle eye make-up remover, and lightly pat the ball over your eyelid and eyelashes. Repeat until all make-up has dissolved.


Don’t apply glue directly to your eyelid


Don’t: Apply glue directly to your eyelid when putting on false eyelashes. There is a serious risk of damaging your own eyelid and eyelashes by doing this.
Do: Apply the glue to the strip underneath the false eyelashes, then place the strip on your eyelashes.

Don’t: Reuse false eyelashes.
Do: Throw out falsies when you’re finished with them, and buy a new set when you want to wear them again.

Don’t: Share false eyelashes (or mascara, or any make-up of any kind) with friends. Sharing products is a fast way to spread germs and get infections of the eye.
Do: Use your own falsies, and your own make-up.

Don’t: Neglect regular eyelash maintenance.
Do: Regularly condition your lashes with Vaseline or coconut oil. You can also brush your lashes using an eyelash comb to ensure maximum growth.


Keep those eyelashes healthy


Don’t: Forget that your lashes are an important part of keeping your eyes healthy.
Do: Develop a routine for taking care of them.

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